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Soothing the skin of the toughest people in the world

Cold-processed +

Hand-crafted in Mississippi

Plant oils to soothe and cleanse

Activated charcoal to purify

All-natural SoldierSoap® features:


A proprietary blend of deep-

cleaning plant extracts and essential oils that

• moisturize and nourish the 


• ward off insects

• deodorize naturally

• provide mild antiseptic 


• relieve itchiness


Fine coffee grounds for exfoliation


No detergents, animal fats, or artificial chemicals


And with 15% of all profits going to pro-Soldier charities, Soldier Soap is "the good stuff that does good."

Made in the U.S.A

You'd be surprised what Soldiers ask for when they're deployed.


Good soap, for starters. 


Our fighting friends stationed overseas told us how seriously they take skin-care when they're in those harsh environments, and they wondered why there wasn't anything designed just for them. 


So we created it. 


SoldierSoap® is designed to detox and soothe the skin of the toughest folks in the world.


Used by tough people:

  • Hunters & fishermen

  • Outdoorswomen

  • Soldiers

  • Explorers

  • Campers


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