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We're a couple of entrepreneurs who decided to make the world's first custom-blended soap specially formulated to suit the needs of Soldiers... and anyone else who needs to thrive in the outdoors. 
We like to say, humbly, that it's the world's most rugged soap.  Perfect for those who love nature, because it's made from nature.  Which makes it ideal for hunters, hikers, campers, fishermen, outdoorsmen, and survivalists. 
All-natural.  Hand-made.  Deep-cleaning.  Anti-bug.  Biodegradable.  Naturally deodorizing.  Skin-soothing.  Itch-relieving.  With no harsh detergents or chemicals.  Basically, it's a super-nourishing spit-shine for your body.

Paula Lindsay is the founder of the celebrated Pass Christian Soap Co.  She is a true artisan, and she's been handcrafting soap for over a decade.

Soldier Soap's powerful formula is a secret.  But what we can tell you is that it features...
- a proprietary blend of nourishing and moisturizing essential oils that also repels sand fleas, gnats, and mosquitoes (we have the letters from troops in Iraq testifying to the effectiveness).  
- real activated charcoal, for serious deep cleaning and the lifting of toxins.
- fine coffee grounds, for exfoliation (and camo or makeup removal).
It's as rugged as you are.
And of course it's a cool midnight camouflage.  When we hand-make these artisan soaps at our facility in Mississippi, we use a custom swirling batch method that allows black and yellow marbling in close mimicry of actual liquid camo patterns.
Our mission is to do right by the troops.  So first, we give them a great product.  And then we give back.  We pledge 15% of all profits to pro-Soldier charities.  And that's not just "this week only".  That's forever.
- Christian D'Andrea and Paula Lindsay
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